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The "Blueprint" Midi Collection

The "Blueprint" Midi Collection

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The ultimate midi kit for producers is back

With over 1000 midi files for Drill, Trap and Rnb production

If you struggle coming up with Melodies, Chord progressions or even drum patterns then this kit is for you!

Just drag and drop a file into your DAW (Works with any DAW) and get a vibe going in seconds

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How It Works

Follow the steps below to see how you can utilise the Blueprint midi kit to help you create endless beats

Then Listen to the results we created below

Step 1 - Chords

Start your beat from the ground up and build a solid foundation with some mood setting chords

Step 2 - Melodies

With the vibe set now its time to fill those gaps with a nice melody that compliments your chord progression

Step 3 - Drums

With the melodics in place its time to add some rhythm with the drums such as snares, hi hats and kicks

Step 4 - 808 Bass

The 808 bass is the icing on the cake and should sit nicely in the low end of your beat to add that thump

How It Sounds Step by Step

Hear for yourself how this cool Trap beat came together using the "Blueprint" midi kit in a couple of minutes

Step 1 - Chords
Step 2 - Melodies
Step 3 - Drums

The Final Result

3 Kits - 3 Genres - 1000 MIDI

The "Blueprint" midi kit is for versatile beat makers who enjoy creating in various different genres. But there are plenty of midi's for those who stick to what they like with each kit having hundreds to choose from.

  • Trap

    300 Midi files for Chords, Melodies, Counter Melodies, Hi Hats and 808's

  • Drill

    250 Midi files for Chords, Melodies, Hi Hats, snares and 808 slides

  • R&B

    250 Midi files for Chords, Melodies, Counter Melodies, Bass & Hi Hats

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Beats Made With The "Blueprint"

Check out some beats I've made in each genre using exclusively midi patterns found inside the Blueprint