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The Drum Collection 2

The Drum Collection 2

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A sequel to one of the most versatile and powerful drum kits to ever come out

The "Drum Collection" is back and better than ever!

This kit bundle contains 3 drum kits for 3 genres. With hundreds of new crazy sounds to play with.

Those 3 genres are of course Trap, R&B and Drill

Purchase the entire bundle for an overall better price or check out the individual kits that we sell separately. 

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Whats Inside?

The Drum Collection 2.0 has over 700 sounds spread across 3 different kits


220 sounds created by me to give you everything you need to create crazy Trap beats. From hard hitting 808's to crisp snares and hi hats this kit is both unique yet useable. Inspired by production from producers such as Metro Boomin, Murda Beatz, Boi1da, Pierre Bourne etc


Over 200 custom made Drill drum sounds created with one purpose in mind. To make the most fire Drill beats you've ever heard in your life. Inside this kit you'll find dirty 808's and grime basses as well as sharp counter snares and thumping kicks. The true essential Drill drum kit.


Over 250 unique drum and percussive sounds designed for creating vibey R&B beats. This kit is perhaps the most special of the 3 with these sounds I really pushed the boundaries with sound design. To give you sounds I can guarantee you can't get anywhere else.

How It Sounds

Hear for yourself various sounds you'll find inside the Drum Collection 2.0


Beats Made With Drum Collection 2.0

Check out some beats I've made exclusively using sounds found inside Analog Colours