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The "Voltage" Phrase Kit

The "Voltage" Phrase Kit

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Over 100 melodic phrases perfect for taking your samples/beats to the next level

These were made with real synths and effects pedals to give you a completely unique experience

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What is a phrase?

Phrases and accents are pretty new to the producer community. Check out my demonstration of what a phrase is and how they are used below.

One Shot On Steroids

"Phrases" or "Accents" are little chunks of melodic content. Essentially juiced up one shots that work in a similar way. You would use one shots to build a melody from nothing. Where as phrases are more for adding the "icing on the cake"

Drag & Drop

I find one shots most useful by putting them in a piano roll just like a VST. But with phrases they shine when you drag and drop them into your playlist channel. So you can manipulate them further and lay them on top of your existing melody.

How It Sounds

Hear for yourself how much better a melody sounds with my phrases

Melodies WITHOUT Phrases
Melodies WITH Phrases
Final Melody Samples